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    Section 3

    Section 2 follows:
                                                                                                                                            August 29, 2010

            Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced recently that man-made climate change was responsible for     
extreme weather events during the summer of 2010.  Hillary joins an increasing number of climate change experts on
President Obama's staff.  All have one trait in common.  Their curriculum vitae include little or no knowledge of
atmosphere-ocean dynamics. They have no clue what causes extreme weather events.  Their outspoken ignorance
identifies them as climate change loonies.

         According to an Associated Press article published in newspapers on August 13, 2010:
               "Salvano Briceno, UN specialist on the UN 's International Strategy for Disaster Reduction,
    pointed to aggravating factors in the latest climate catastrophes: China's failure to stem deforestation,
    contributing to its deadly mudslides; Russia's poor forest management, feeding fires; and the settling of
    poor Pakistanis on flood plains and dry river beds in the densely populated country, squatters turf that
    suddenly turned into torrents."  Hillary failed to do her homework.

        Most extreme weather events are caused by an unusual combination of typical weather systems (cyclones,
    anticyclones, fronts, monsoons and thunderstorms).  For example, high temperature records set on the East
    Coast in July were caused by unusually warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and high altitude blow-off
    from Hurricane Alex and Tropical Storm Bonnie (See Appendix A1).  August saw more of the same oppressive
    air from the Gulf of Mexico with warm clear air blow-off from monsoon storms over the Rockies.  Record
    floods in Iowa resulted from a stable intersection of warm moist tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico with cool
    dry air from Canada.  Record floods in Tennessee were caused by the remnant of a tropical depression.

        Global warming had nothing to do with the record summer heat wave and flooding rains of 2010.  Climate
    change loonies blame these extreme weather events on burning fossil fuel. They believe that Americans who
    drive SUV’s or eat cheeseburgers cause extreme weather events. (Believe it or not, this fearsome rubbish is
    included in a public elementary school lesson plan.)

        Actually the summer weather of 2010 has been relatively benign for the Continental U.S.  No hurricanes
    have hit the country through the end of August.  There are no extreme droughts anywhere.  This is welcome
    relief from extreme droughts in California, Texas, Florida and the Southeast during recent years.  There is not a
    word in the media about this good climate change news.
        The AP article by Charles J. Hanley deserves the attention of every American.  It describes a conspiracy
    sponsored by the United Nations, Britain and the U.S. Government to frighten Americans into supporting
    President Obama's objectives: draconian cuts in fossil-fuel use; cap-and-trade legislation causing skyrocketing
    costs of electricity, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas; global governance of fossil fuel reserves and
    redistribution of American wealth to foreign countries.  Senator Obama made some of these objectives apparent
    before the election.  President Obama revealed others at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

        The President's objectives are frighteningly on course to achieve Congresswoman Maxine Waters' "liberal"
    wish to nationalize the oil and gas industries.  This is one-step closer to redistributing American wealth and
    fundamentally transforming America by continuing to take apart our free market enterprise system.

        President Obama's legislative successes have taken a wrecking-ball to the economy.  Referring to this
    disaster, Jim Kramer on CNBC's "Mad Money" said, "The President is at war with the stock market"(August
    25, 2010).  If the U.S. Senate caves and passes cap-and-trade, it will be the final nail in the coffin of the
    economy.  That is, if tax increases don't bury it first.

        Hanley titled the article, "Climate Gurus saw cruel weather coming."

         Climate gurus that claim to see "cruel weather coming" are climate change loonies.  Climate change
    computer models cannot predict the time and location of extreme weather events.
        Hanley wrote:         
         "Worldwide temperature readings... show that this January-June was the hottest first half of a year
    since record keeping began in the mid-19th century."

        This is Government propaganda.  The example is conveniently crafted to suggest that man's burning of
    fossil fuel is responsible for increasing global average surface temperature since the Industrial Revolution.  
    Contrasting worldwide temperature readings from the mid-19th century with this year is comparing apples with
    elephants.  There is no comparison between the quality and density of temperature observations then and now.

        Global average surface temperature is an exercise in statistical folly.  It averages the normal passage of
    weather events into an unnatural mush of homogeneity.  By some accounts, global average surface temperature
    has increased 1.0-2.0 degrees F. in the past century.  There is no conclusive evidence that any of that change is
    caused by burning fossil fuel.  Even if it were all caused by man it is insignificant to the generation of extreme
    weather events.
        Seasonal temperature variation can exceed 100 degrees F. over land and 20 degrees F. over oceans.  
    Assuming surface temperature alone determines number and intensity of extreme weather events, the effect of
    global warming is in the noise. For example, hurricanes do not form in winter.  Water temperature is too cold
    even with global warming.  Tropical cyclones form only after the summer sun heats tropical air and waters.  
    Global warming is insignificant.  Predictions of more and stronger storms due to global warming are

        "Scientists blame the warming on carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases pouring into the
    atmosphere from power plants, cars and trucks, furnaces and other fossil fuel-burning industrial and
    residential sources."

        What scientists?  These persons are climate change loonies.  They are not atmosphere-ocean scientists.  
    Blaming man for significant warming of Earth's surface temperature is sophomoric fear mongering nonsense.  
    Most scientists, schooled and experienced in atmosphere-ocean dynamics, disagree with this specious argument.

        "Carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases" exert an insignificant influence on surface temperature
    compared to weather events that increase solar insolation or release heat from the oceans.  NOAA/NASA
    satellites validate this in Appendix A.  For example, the view from space reveals that the record heat of July
    2010 was drawn from Atlantic Ocean Basin waters and reinforced by a high altitude dome of warming clear air,
    allowing unimpeded solar radiation to bake the land.

        Satellite imagery shows that much of the unusually warm surface air invading the U.S. from the Gulf of
    Mexico and Western Atlantic Ocean was influenced by cold air flooding the Tropics at high altitude.  Upper
    level cold air reduces high cloud cover allowing increased solar heating of tropical oceans.  Cold lows (high
    altitude cyclones and waves) form in advance of tropical cyclones and suppress hurricane development
    (Appendix A2).  As this is written, at the end of August 2010, 13 tropical disturbances have formed in the
    Atlantic Ocean Basin.  With the exception of Hurricane Alex, all have been escorted and suppressed by a cold
    low.  Hurricane Danielle became a major hurricane as it slipped its cold low by moving under warm air in
    advance of a cold front.  Huricane Earl became a major hurricane under the warm umbrella of outflow from
    Danielle.  Both maintained major hurricane status briefly.  Tropical Storms Fiona and Gaston fizzled under the
    influence of cold lows.

         Two tropical cyclones, seriously weakened by cold lows, made landfall this summer at almost the same
    location as Hurricane Katrina.  If hurricane strength were determined only by water temperature, we would
    now be grieving the terrible destruction and loss caused by two major hurricanes, instead of reminiscing over
    five years of renewal.  Why are climate change loonies not celebrating these fortuitous climate events?
        Cold lows on the Equator are now suppressing storms on the Intertropical Convergence Zone and increasing
    solar heating of tropical waters.  Hurricane winds cool tropical waters.  So increased solar insolation and few or
    weak hurricanes mean warmer water in the Tropics.  Record heat waves in the U.S. are sure to follow.  Global
    warming cannot be blamed.  

        Cold lows also initiate extra-tropical storms (Appendix A3), and reinforce fronts and tornado outbreaks
    (Appendix A4).  In fact, cold lows are a much more powerful regulator of surface temperature than are
    greenhouse gases.  Climate gurus generally ignore upper levels of the atmosphere.  They have no clue what
    causes extreme weather events.  The view from space reveals the truth.  Eyes in the sky don't lie.  (Appendices
    A2, A3 and A4 are works in progress.)

         "The U. S. remains the only major industrialized nation not to have caps on carbon emissions."  
    The U.S. inaction is a key reason global talks have bogged down for a pact to succeed the expiring
    Kyoto Protocol, the relatively weak accord on emissions cuts adhered to by all other industrialized

        Here is a reason for the conspiracy.  U.S. refusal to knuckle under to climate change loonies is a humiliation
    to those countries that were flimflammed with global warming into signing the Kyoto Protocol.  They want
    fossil-fuel caps and global governance imposed on the U.S. too.
        Americans are fortunate that some members of the U.S. Senate prevented the President from giving away
    the farm at Copenhagen.  But he will try again at the Climate Change Conference in Mexico next year.  The
    U.N has long had designs on redistributing American wealth to its bureaucrats and to foreign countries.  It
    promotes fundamentally transforming America to subvert the free-market enterprise system.  With Obama as
    President of the U.S., the UN sees the opportunity to plunder the U.S. now.          

         "The experts now see an urgent need for better ways to forecast extreme events like Russia's heat
    wave..."  They will discuss such tools in meetings this month and next in Europe and America under
    United Nations, U.S. and British sponsorship.  There is no time to waste because societies must be
    equipped to deal with global warming, says British government Climatologist Peter Stott."
        Peter Stott spilled the beans.  He identified global warming as the problem.  Why is there an urgent need for
    better ways to forecast extreme weather events if global warming is the cause?  By definition, global warming is
    caused by burning fossil fuels.  The only relevant forecast then is how much to cut carbon emissions.  How
    convenient.  That is just what the President proposes.  The "experts" are climate change loonies.

        The meetings are a ruse.  The brutal fact is that climate change computer models cannot now, nor in the
    foreseeable future, forecast extreme weather events beyond a few days.  So what is the real purpose of the
    meetings?  The meetings provide forums for climate change loonies to gain widespread publicity agonizing over
    the evils of fossil fuels and big carbon corporations.

           "United Nations, U.S. and British sponsorship" identifies the conspirators.  Their intent is to neutralize
    U.S. Senate opposition to President Obama surrendering U.S. sovereignty and dollars at the Climate Change
    Conference in Mexico next year.

        "No time to waste because societies must be equipped to deal with global warming..." There is no
    time to waste because the Climate Change Conference meets in 2011.  The sponsors need time to brainwash
    Americans with testimonials from climate change loonies blaming extreme weather events on man made global
    warming.  Sponsors employ the climate change loonies for the purpose of stampeding the public to pressure
    their politicians.  There can be no opposing viewpoints from the meetings.  Left-wing media reports will praise
    climate change loonies as experts specially chosen for their brilliant peer reviewed research.  Peer reviewed
    climate change loonies are like-minded climate change loonies.  
        "... meetings of climatologists in the coming weeks in Paris, Britain and Colorado will be one step
    toward adaptation, seeking ways to forecast extreme events."

         "Adaptation" means to "convert" U.S. inaction into submission at the next climate change conference and
    for the U.S. Senate to ratify a treaty signed by President Obama giving the farm away and to pass his cap-and
    trade system legislation.
       "...seeking ways to forecast extreme events," is a ruse.  Computer climate models cannot "forecast
    extreme events."  Instead they falsely assume that man made greenhouse gases cause extreme events.

        "The U.N.'s network of climate scientists-the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)-
    has long predicted that rising global temperatures would produce more frequent and intense heat waves
    and more intense rainfalls.  In 2007, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning panel went beyond that.  It said
    these trends "have already been observed," in an increase in heat waves since 1950, for example."  

        The IPCC is a U.N. political body.  The U.N. promotes redistributing U.S. wealth to the pockets of its
    bureaucrats and to foreign dictators.  The IPCC serves U.N. objectives.  It is well known for its involvement in
    the Climategate fraud.  It is a pack of climate change loonies.

        The rise in global temperature attributed to global warming is too minuscule to produce more frequent and
    intense heat waves.  Since 1950, many heat waves were found to be related to deforestation, bad land
    management practices and depletion of water for agriculture and human and domesticated animal consumption.  
    Massive expansion of heat absorbing asphalt and concrete structures has contributed to surface warming and
    heat waves.  The heat island effect downwind of cities is well known.  The worst heat wave in recent U.S.
    history was the ten-year Dustbowl heat wave and drought during the 1930's.  It has been attributed to bad land
         Politicians and the media are blaming the record heat wave of July 2010 on global warming. This is
    ludicrous.  It was caused by heat transported from Atlantic Ocean Basin waters and solar insolation through
    clear air (Appendix A1).

        "The weather related cataclysms of July and August (feverish heat etc.) fit patterns predicted by
    climate scientists, the Geneva based World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says..."

              "Climate scientists" cannot predict patterns of weather related cataclysms.  Climate change loonies
    predict weather related cataclysms simply by blaming global warming.  Global warming attributed to fossil-fuel
    burning is too insignificant to cause weather related cataclysms.  The WMO is a U.N. sponsored body.  It
    supports U.N. policies and objectives.  It too is a cabal of climate change loonies.

         "The WMO pointed out that this summer's events fit the international scientists projections of
    "more frequent and more intense extreme weather events due to global warming."
        Global warming of 1.0-2.0 degree F. /century can't cause "more frequent and more intense extreme
    weather events..." These international scientists are climate change loonies.

        Taxpayers are going to be on the hook to fund extravagant junkets of climate change loonies to meetings in
    Paris, Britain and Colorado (Not your typical family vacation venues).  The purpose of the meetings is to make
    headlines about how burning fossil-fuels cause extreme weather events that are responsible for high casualties
    and damage costs.

         Recommendations from the meetings will urge the U.S. Government to pass cap-and-trade legislation and
    agree to ratify a treaty calling for draconian cuts in fossil-fuel use, global governance of fossil-fuel reserves, and
    redistribution of American wealth to foreign countries. If the U.S. Senate caves and passes cap-and-trade or
    ratifies President Obama's treaty, the U.S. will be plundered.


    Please communicate with your U.S. Senators.  Ask them:
    1.  To vote against S. 1733-The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act Bill (cap-and-trade).
    2.  Not to ratify any treaty or verbal obligations made by President Obama at the Climate Change Conference
    in Mexico in 2011.  

    This Website is my civic duty.   Climate change loonies will be disappointed to learn that I do not work for the
    carbon industry.  My only compensation is the personal satisfaction that Americans know the truth, climate
    change is a hoax, and shall avoid being scammed by their own Government.

               July 1, 2010
       This is Section 2 of 3.  Section 1 debunked Al Gore's claims of anthropogenic (man-caused) climate change
    described in his books "Earth in the Balance" (EIB,1992) and "An Inconvenient Truth" (AIT, 2006).  Gore's
    education in Government and Law did not prepare him for his attempts to evaluate extreme weather events.  
    His lack of scientific background in the atmosphere-ocean dynamic system and his environmental extremist
    liberal bent leads him to scare-mongering false conclusions about anthropogenic global warming and climate
       Section 2-The cap-and-trade scam and the falsehood of anthropogenic climate change.
       Section 3-Climate Change Lunacy Exposed.    

    Chapter IX-The Cap and Trade Scam

        The Senate version of the cap-and-trade scam is masquerading as, "The Clean Energy Jobs and American
    Power Act"- Senate Bill 1733.  The official Website summary reads: "This is the climate change bill that seeks
    to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through a nationwide cap-and-trade program.  Emissions would be
    reduced 20% by 2020 and 83% by 2050."  

        This climate change bill is political chicanery.  It was crafted by charlatans and fools.  Among the worst
    scams ever perpetrated on Americans, it blames American users of oil, natural gas and coal for damaging the
    planet by causing catastrophic climate change.  The premise that climate change can be influenced by reducing
    American GHG emissions is nonsense.  Reduction of American GHG emissions 83% by 2050 will have no
    influence on climate.  But it will cripple the economy.

        Provisions of the climate change (cap-and-trade) bill create a massive increase in the size and cost of
    Government.  American energy producer and user industries will be crippled.  Each private sector clean energy
    job created, will result in dozens of lost jobs.  Money, looted from oil, natural gas and coal producers and users,
    must come out of the pocket of ordinary citizens to pay for the increased cost of light, heat, transportation,
    manufacturing, agriculture, construction, petrochemicals, water, sewage, etc.  America's lead as the world's
    greatest industrial power will be ceded to countries that wisely do not adopt cap-and-trade.  The cost of living
    for every American will skyrocket.  This horrific disaster is promoted by hucksters with scare-mongering
    projections of global warming and catastrophic climate change caused by human activities.  Such projections
    are junk science fraud.
        Carbon dioxide makes up the bulk of American GHG emissions.  The Obama Administration, in its infinite
    scientific ignorance, has declared CO2 a pollutant.  This is a ludicrous attempt to justify cap-and-trade.  CO2 is
    essential for plant growth.  Plant growth produces oxygen.  Humanity could not exist in the absence of CO2.  
    Labeling this miraculous life-giving trace gas a "pollutant" speaks volumes about the incompetence and
    arrogance of the Obama Administration.

        American CO2 emissions make up an insignificant fraction of total concentrations in the atmosphere.  The
    carbon equivalent of annual American emissions is less than two-tenths of one-percent of the total
    concentration of carbon in the atmosphere.  CO2 is heavier than air and North America is a vast CO2 sink.  
    Most North American CO2 emissions are absorbed in sinks before entering the mid- and upper- atmosphere.
    North America is nearly surrounded by ocean sinks.  Glaciers, lakes, pools, rivers and streams soak up CO2.  
    The U.S. Forest service planted 80-million acres of trees since construction of the Interstate Highway System
    began.  These trees together with extant forests and woods mop up much of American CO2 emissions.  Trees
    and shrubs, planted as windbreaks along most highway and street rights-of-way, capture vehicular CO2
    emissions.  Agriculture and wetlands thrive on the remainder.  CO2 that escapes into the atmosphere is
    eventually returned to surface sinks by rain, snow, ice and subsiding air.  CO2 emitted from America and not
    absorbed in sinks is too minuscule to influence large-scale climate.
        History demonstrates that man and CO2 are not responsible for global warming.   Global warming and large-
    scale climate change are caused by natural solar cycles.  Changes in Earth's orbit have caused recurring ice ages
    and interglacial global warming periods for more than 600,000 years (Gore, AIT, 66).  Gore's graph of
    temperature and CO2 charted higher temperature and lower CO2 concentrations during the last three global
    warming episodes, than during the present much longer warm period.  This indicates that man and CO2 are not
    responsible for global warming.  Of course Gore failed to mention this feature of his own chart.  Instead he
    focused on scaring his readers with fear of atmospheric CO2 concentration doubling by 2050.  Doubling CO2
    concentration will do nothing for climate change.  Gore neglects to mention that man's earliest ancestors
    proliferated with CO2 concentrations ten-times greater than today.  At that time, 100-ton herbivores thrived on
    lush vegetation and high oxygen levels.

        The locations of New York and Chicago were under one mile of ice during the last ice age.  Global
    warming, beginning 19,000 years ago, melted North American and Eurasian ice sheets.  Sea levels increased by
    300 feet.  A wobble in earth's axis dried a vast verdant plain into the Sahara Desert, 5500 years ago.  These
    powerful solar cycles continue to warm the planet.  If history repeats, the Polar ice caps will continue to melt
    causing oceans to submerge New York, Miami, New Orleans and most U.S. coastal regions before onset of the
    next ice age (Gore EIB, PBS and NatGeo).  Manmade CO2 is not necessary.

         President Obama has assumed the role of Scaremonger-in-Chief to promote cap-and-trade.  He warned the
    UN General Assembly in September 2009, "Failure to stop imminent climate change will bring irreversible
    catastrophe."  The president's threat is nonsense.  It is one of the most preposterous statements ever made by a
    U.S. President to a world body.  There is no conclusive scientific evidence that man can cause or prevent
    irreversible catastrophe caused by imminent climate change.  Climate change follows natural cycles.  Man has
    no influence over these cycles.

       Why did the President of the United States make such a grotesquely ridiculous threat to the entire world?  
    Mounting evidence suggests that the President is using the false threat of man-caused catastrophic climate
    change to force "fundamental transformation of America" and to "redistribute American wealth."  Specifically
    he wants to frighten Americans into fundamentally transforming free market capitalism to government-
    controlled Socialism.  The strategy includes redistributing wealth from the energy industry to the government.   
    Congresswoman Maxine Waters revealed that objective, in a May 22, 2008, Congressional hearing.  Here she is
    grilling an oil company executive:

           Waters-"What guarantees are you going to give this liberal about how they will reduce the cost of
    gasoline at the pump if we let you drill wherever you want to drill?"

           Executive-"I can guarantee, to the American people that because of inaction of the U.S. Congress,
    ever increasing prices unless demand comes down, and five dollar per gallon will look like a very low
    price in years to come, if we are prohibited from finding new reserves and new opportunities to increase

           Waters-"And guess what this liberal would be all about?  This liberal would be about socializing...
    uh, uh, um, would be about basically taking over and the Government running all of your companies."

        Congresswoman Waters inadvertently spilled the beans on her left-wing colleagues who have been trying to
    shut down oil-drilling for many years.  Congresswoman Waters revealed that the real objective of liberal
    politicians and the Obama Administration is to nationalize the oil industry.  

        An Obama associate, proposes to "tear down American free market capitalism brick by brick."  President
    Obama's cap-and-trade system is a diabolical scheme to achieve that objective.  It promotes internecine warfare
    between large corporations by rewarding commodity traders and non-carbon using companies with wealth
    looted from carbon industry companies.  Carbon companies will be forced to buy carbon credits for nearly one-
    trillion dollars annually.  In time, the carbon industry will be crippled.  The government can then swoop in and
    take control of the country's fossil fuel reserves and means of production.  One party government is likely to
    follow.  Any opposition would not be able to compete against the wealth of fossil fuel reserves held by the
    government in power (e.g. Venezuela).  American free market capitalism will be crushed.

        Of course, President Obama does not admit to this objective.  He maintains that his energy strategy will
    achieve energy independence.    The President's decisions and actions belie this admirable strategy.   In a pre-
    election speech, President Obama warned, "My Cap and Trade System will necessarily cause electricity rates to
    skyrocket."  He threatened the Utility Industry that he would cause any newly built coal-fired power plant to go
    bankrupt.  As a result no coal-fired powered plants were built in the U.S. during 2009, while China, India and
    other developing countries built dozens.  This plays right into the hands of foreign oil producers.  The U.S. is
    the Saudi Arabia of coal reserves.  Coal is the least expensive fuel for electricity and industrial production in the
    U.S.  Banning the use of coal cripples electricity generation and gives competitive advantage to our industrial
    competitors?  It is hypocritical to the objective of replacing conventional automobiles with electric vehicles.  

       Why is the coal mining industry singled out for bankruptcy?  Will hundreds of thousands of coal mining,
    transportation and production jobs be terminated?  Not likely.  Instead the coal industry will be placed under
    government control.  President Obama justifies his strategy to strangle the coal industry based on a hoax.  
    There is no conclusive evidence that carbon dioxide emissions, from American's use of coal, influence Earth's

        President Obama's cap-and-trade system and his threat to bankrupt new coal-fired power plants will impose
    a crushing tax on every household and business in America.  The cost of living for all Americans will soon
    skyrocket.  At the same time, the U.S. will either become dependent on foreign energy sources or will revert to
    candlelit homes and horse-and-buggy transportation.  Tragically, all of this horrific damage to the U.S. economy
    is based on the anthropogenic climate change lie.

        The second most abundant fuel in the U.S. is natural gas.  A hundred-year source was discovered recently
    in North America as the result of technological advances in horizontal drilling.  The Obama administration has
    been silent on use of natural gas as a bridge to alternative fuels.   It undercuts the liberal's objective to bring the
    energy industry under government control.  

       The climate change bill proposes to replace fossil fuels with alternative power sources such as windmills,
    solar panels and nuclear power.  This is inane.

        Wind turbine power is not constant.  It comes and goes with the wind.  It must be backed with a reliable
    (fossil-fuel) power source.  Initial costs for windmills and their power grids are prohibitive.  The bill must be
    added to the nation's out of control national debt.  Few jobs are created since most windmills are built overseas
    where labor costs are low.  Windmills kill birds.  Silent Spring is inevitable.

       Solar panels have similar limitations.  Solar power is generated less than half the twenty-four hour day.  It is
    interrupted by clouds.  It must be backed by a reliable (fossil-fuel) power source.  Government subsidies added
    to the burgeoning national debt are required to pay initial costs.    
       President Obama justified nuclear power in a budget request, "to prevent the worst consequences of climate
    change."  That statement is incredulous.  Consequences of nuclear disaster far surpass any possible
    anthropogenic climate change catastrophe.  Nuclear power is extremely expensive.  Radioactive waste from
    nuclear power generation is highly toxic to humans for centuries.  Over time, massive amounts of radioactive
    waste will build up and inevitably be released by earthquakes, volcanism, floods, terrorism or human error.  
    Loss of human life will be counted in the millions.  Vast expanses of land will be rendered unusable for
    centuries.  Any consequences of man-caused climate change pale in comparison.  Oil spills and coal ash cause
    environmental damage and unsightly waste dumps.  A natural disaster might cause a few lost lives and serious
    property damage requiring expensive clean-up operations.  But this is inconsequential compared to a nuclear

        President Obama informed delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen, in December
    2009, "There is overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change."  He repeated this scare-mongering
    falsehood at his first State of the Union Address.  Evidently no one informed the President that scientific
    evidence of global warming published by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was
    phony.  An anonymous hero exposed the fraud by publishing emails between contributing scientists.  These
    "Climategate" emails revealed a conspiracy between the UN and climate change scientists to conceal raw data,
    fudge conclusions that the Earth was warming rapidly and to discredit the truth.  Climategate apologists claim
    that the emails contained only friendly banter between honest scientists and that their average planetary
    temperature computations prove anthropogenic global warming of 0.5 degrees C. over 40-years is for real.  
    They are nuts.  APT cannot be computed accurately measured to within 0.5 degrees Celsius now, much less 40-
    years ago (See Section 3).

        Climategate documents reveal that man-caused climate change derives from corruption of climate science
    for political ends.  The fraud was promoted in the United Nations for nearly forty years.  Several European and
    many developing countries have succumbed to the U.N. fraud and agitated for America to follow them into
    economic disaster at the UN Climate Change Conference.  In this regard, the U.S. dodged a bullet at
    Copenhagen.  Exposure of the climate gate emails came just in time to prevent President Obama from ceding
    American sovereignty at the Conference.  The original Copenhagen Protocol obligated the U.S. to reduce
    carbon dioxide emissions to 19th century values by 2050.  Global governance by the UN would enforce this
    draconian strangling of the U.S. economy.  Alternative energy sources could not possibly make up the
    shortfall.  The U.S. standard of living would decline drastically while energy costs would skyrocket.

        President Obama extended his Climate Change Conference trip in a spirited attempt to negotiate a legally
    binding agreement, which would require draconian cuts in carbon emissions and a global governance regime on
    the U.S.  Thanks to Climate gate, the agreement was not formally approved.  Under the new, non binding
    agreement, the U.S. is required to list its emissions targets.  It is under pressure to cede sovereignty over energy
    and transportation industries, in a legally binding accord at the next UN Climate Conference in Mexico, next
    year.  The President's junk science assertions made to high level delegations, "There is overwhelming scientific
    evidence on climate change," is false.  Many more scientists deny anthropogenic climate change than those who
    promote it (See  The President's propaganda is intended to persuade ignorant politicians to
    pass the cap-and-trade law and to cede American sovereignty in Mexico.  If the President succeeds, the U.S.
    will be fundamentally transformed into a European style Social Democracy and U.S. wealth will be
    redistributed into an overseas black hole.  

The Global Warming
and Climate Change
By Ronald E. Hughes